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Point-to-Point, High-Speed,

Ethernet to E3/T3/DS3 Converter

Client List:

Our products have been installed in a wide range of private and government environments, from the jungles of Brazil to mountain-top observatories. Some of our clients include:

Our goal is to get as much data through your equipment as possible.  We're often one of the cheaper solutions as well.

Company Overview:

E3Switch is a manufacturer of LAN/WAN equipment for the telecom and microwave radio industry. E3Switch consistently provides:

For twenty years, E3Switch has provided high-efficiency, multiplexing and protocol conversion products to local and global clientele who insist upon reliability and maximum bandwidth utilization of their network infrastructure. Additionally, E3Switch products typically may be operated in harsher environments due to low part-count and fanless designs. Our original MIT founder oversees operations, ensuring that E3Switch provides high-reliability product designs and sophisticated technical support to our clients.

Compare our customer appreciation philosophy directly to your current supplier:

We treat our customers as we'd like to be treated.

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We monitor our email and attempt to respond within several hours.  If the following links don't work in your browser, you may use domain: e3switch.com and user: Info2

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